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Kennedy Engineered Products, Inc.

Engine Adapters for Transaxles and High Performance Clutches for VW & Porsche

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Engine Adapters for Volkswagen and Porsche based Transaxles and

High Performance Clutches for VW & Porsche



Our engine adapter kits are designed to adapt the bare engine to the bare transaxle only.  An adapter kits consists of: adapter plate, flywheel, pilot bearing and bolts. Other sections of this website describe what parts are included. While we try to give helpful information, we do not provide complete installation instructions.


We specialize in high performance clutches for VW and Porsche to handle the extra torque of larger engines. Our clutches have become widely used in many forms of racing. We also stock a variety of heavy duty starters for VW and Porsche.


When buying one of our adapter kits be sure to get the appropriate Kennedy clutch and starter for the job. They are the best available for the road or for the track! 

When considering an engine swap, you must first decide what it is you need. For instance, a Chevy V8 may have incredible power, but when you put it in the rear of a VW, the handling is dangerous, the gearing is too low, and your new $2000 supertrans will grenade if you drive it hard. It pays to explore your options. Some things to consider when planning an engine swap are:


Your Resources

Type of Vehicle

Smoothness of Engine

Radiator Location

Your Aptitude

Type of Driving

Strength of Transaxle

Clutch Needed

Your Budget

Mileage Desired

Weight of Engine

Starter Required

Power Desired

Engine Mounting

Height & Length of Engine

Smog Laws



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