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Kennedy Engineered Products, Inc.

Engine Adapters for Transaxles and High Performance Clutches for VW & Porsche

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Porsche 180 & 200mm pressure plates are available with cast iron or aluminum face.

Porsche 215mm pressure plate for 914's and '65-69 Porsche 911 features stronger diaphragm and a full circle torque link system to prevent failure due to excessive torque.

Stock (for comparison). Holds 180 ft. lbs. of torque.

Stage I, 215mm Pressure Plate. Holds 230 ft. lbs. of torque.

Stage II, 215mm Pressure Plate. Holds 270 ft. lbs. of torque.


Porsche 225mm 911 clutch package

Primarily sold as a clutch kit to Kit Car builders complete with installed bearing, ring gear and fasteners. All new genuine German parts. Fits '72 or newer 915 Porsche transaxle. The 360 ft. lb. of torque capacity handles most stock injected 350 Chevrolet V8 engines. For individual parts call for current prices.


KEP Porsche 930, 944 Turbo and '87-89 G50 racing pressure plates are available with aluminum cover for lighter weight, ductile face for durability and higher clamp load for an increased torque capacity. These are not modified factory parts. They are CNC machined then accurately assembled and balanced.

Torque Capacity with stock disc (in Ft. lbs.)



 ClutchStockKEP Stage IStage II
KEP 930 - '75-77 374 550  650
KEP 930 - '78-86 423 530 650 
KEP G50 - '87-89 460 550 650 
KEP G50 90+ 374550 (Turbo) 650 (Race) 
KEP 944 turbo  378530 650 

More Porsche Clutch Products

240mm KEP Race organic street disc- for increased clamp load, steel back lined. Spring center.

240mm KEP 6 pad spring center disc

915 Ring Gear 130 tooth gear bolts to the 915 pressure plate. Made by KEP for improved quality and lower cost.


930 & G50 Ring Gear is hardened unlike the the factory Porsche.

DG Hewland or Fortin Release Bearing. The smooth flat thrust surface of this bearing is necessary to accommodate all KEP 200mm and 9" pressure plates when used with the DG or Fortin transaxle.


180mm H.D. Pressure Plate (1800 lb) - When 180mm must be used, this is the only clutch to handle power. KEP diaphragm style keeps pedal pressure low. Fits Porsche 356A if flywheel depth is correct. Now available with carbide coated aluminum face.