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Kennedy Engineered Products, Inc.

Engine Adapters for Transaxles and High Performance Clutches for VW & Porsche

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1785 '86+Chevy V8, 4.3 V6 (pre '96),

1780 Pre '86 Chevy V8, 3.8 RWD

1580 Buick V6 3.8 RWD

2980 Ford 289, 302, 351 (Cleveland or Windsor), 3.8 RWD V6

4480 GM FWD V6


These KEP adapters are designed to use the 240mm Turbo 5000 clutch parts (if manual shift).

Manual kit includes the adapter plate made of aluminum plate, a custom made steel flywheel, pilot bearing and all the necessary bolts to fit the engine to the transaxle. High performance clutches also available.

Automatic kit includes the same adapter plate, a custom made flexplate, and all the necessary bolts to fit the engine to the transaxle. We do not provide the torque converter bolts. Customer must specify 3 or 4 bolt pattern on the torque converter.


Chevy LS1-LS9 to Porsche 996-911 from '99-05 & Boxster S & Cayman S & 997


This kit uses a gear reduction LS starter and uses the 996 clutch. We also have high performance clutches for this with wider contact surface than the stock clutch.






Ford 5.0 Coyote to Porsche 996-911 from '99-05 & Boxster S & Cayman S & 997





Mazda Rotary to Mustang T-5 5 speed


KEP # 9900 Adapter kit fits most manual shift '74+ Mazda rotary bellhousings to the Borg-Warner T-5 transmission (from the Ford Mustang GT '85+) The Mazda flywheel, clutch, starter and throwout bearing are retained. A Ford disc must be used. The T-5 transmission that is normally slanted 18° must now be mounted vertical. Kit includes adapter plate, bolts, pilot bearing and instructions.


Pantara & Mongusta ZF Transaxle

We make a special bellhousing to adapt:


Ford V8 427 to Pantera (ZF trans)

Ford V8 289 to Pantera (ZF trans)

Ford 302 to Pantera (ZF trans)

Ford 5.4 to Pantera (ZF trans)

Chevy, Buick  7 bolt (or 4 bolt)

Hemi to Pantera (ZF trans)


 This is a strong mid-engine transaxle. Gearing is now available from RBT for off-road use. Bellhousing can be made for inverted pattern. Includes bellhousing, bolts, pilot bearing and instructionsCurrent price is $350.


Toronado TH-425 Transaxle (also fits TH-325 andTurbo 350/450 Trans)


The Toronado transaxle is very strong, very heavy and the only readily available automatic transaxle meant to handle the torque of a performance V8.


REF# 9300 Chevy V6 or V8 to Toronado or Turbo 350/400 and 700R4. Unlike our competitors, our properly designed kit uses a 7/16 " ground steel adapter plate and crankshaft extender to locate the torque converter. Bolts, converter spacers, and instructions are included. Oil pan must be modified for use on Toronado.


REF# 9100 Aluminum V8 to Toronado or Turbo 350/400 and 700R4 and Powerglide. The '61-'63 Buick-Olds 215 V8 did not come with a good transmission. Using our adapter, you can fit a reliable Turbo trans to the engine. It also fits Powerglide if you specify when ordering. If for a Turbo 400, the 350 converter must be used. Comes with a modified flexplate. A Buick flexplate core is required.