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Kennedy Engineered Products, Inc.

Engine Adapters for Transaxles and High Performance Clutches for VW & Porsche

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Q: What is included in an adapter kit?


A: Our adapter kits include: adapter plate, flywheel, pilot bearing and bolts

A:VW Trans and aftermarket: Price for an adapter kit with a flywheel using a 200mm clutch runs between $400 - 520 with most falling in the $440 range; 228mm kit price is $520-640 with most falling into the $550 range.  Automatic VW range is $420-$500, most are in the $480 range.
Porsche Trans:  9" (228mm) 914 run $530-600 most in the $550 range; 215mm 914 $530-600 most in the $550 range; 225mm 915/911 trans $430-520 most in the $480 range.

Q: Is shipping included? 
A: No, we ship UPS and the charges vary.


A: Calling us on the phone is the best way to place an order.  There are many questions we need to ask you to be sure you get the right parts.

Q: Do you make custom adapters?
A:We have done custom adapters in the past when we had enough time.  Sometime a new engine is a custom but we are willing to take it on if there is a greater demand for it.