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Kennedy Engineered Products, Inc.

Engine Adapters for Transaxles and High Performance Clutches for VW & Porsche

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200mm Double Disc
100% more torque can be transmitted if a double disc clutch is used.  Our double disc design includes modification to the VW flywheel, a special thin pressure plate, two thin discs and a floater plate.

Double Disc 200mm - $550.  Double disc kit includes flywheel mods, floater, 2 discs and pressure plate  --Adapter kit sold separately, T.O. brg sold separately.
Double Disc 228mm - $680.  Double 9" kit includes flywheel mods, floater, 2 discs and pressure plate --Adapter kit sold separately, T.O. brg. sold separately.
Triple Disc 200mm - $1079.  Triple disc kit includes fllywheel with modifications, pressue plate, 3 discs and 2 floaters.  Our flywheel fits in Mendeola's HD bellhousing. T.O. bearing sold separately.