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Kennedy Engineered Products, Inc.

Engine Adapters for Transaxles and High Performance Clutches for VW & Porsche

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Those with an interest in performance Volkswagens know about Kennedy pressure plates. Though first designed for large engines adapted to Volkswagens and Porsches, they have become the standard for all forms of VW racing. Since 1968 both our experience and reputation have grown. Look to KEP for your VW and Porsche clutch needs.



4 evenly spaced torque ratings reaching to a higher torque capacity than before.

Stronger cover produces less flex, crisp shifting, and less wasted pedal travel.

Many small parts eliminated for improved reliability, longevity and strength.

Wide working range so pressure does not change as disc wears.


Based on a proven design but made stronger for big engines.

Smooth shape for slight advantage of less wind drag.


Diaphragm is guarenteed by KEP against breakage .

Affects of heat on diaphragm are greatly reduced.

Drive straps transmit torque in both directions.

No distortion of cover by extremely high RPM.

Jig assembled and tested

Balanced within 0.4 oz inch.

Early style clutch can easily be converted to late style.

Compatible with wide face release bearing (3 finger clutch is not).

Black color is rustproof and durable. This identifies it as something

special so your mechanic will not throw it out during your next engine overhaul.


Clutch alignment tools are included with all KEP clutch packages.

Contact face is high tensile low alloy cast iron alloy for strength and stability.

Ductile iron face to meet race track rules.

Fully rebuildable by KEP at reasonable prices.

Made in USA by KEP to exact tolerances.


KEP 200mm VW pressure plates

Our 200mm heavy duty pressure plates have been designed to improve reliability under severe racing conditions. They are made in USA from all new material. They are jig assembled, balanced and tested to our high standards. The result is the best line of VW pressure plates ever made.

This clutch comes in four load ratings. Be careful that you do not order a stronger clutch than you need. Torque capacities using a stock disc are shown below.


STOCK 200mm (Listed for comparison.) Handles 134 ft. lb. of torque.


KEP 200mm STAGE I - Intended to handle any street VW and smaller lower torque engines. Handles 180 ft. lb. of torque.


KEP 200mm STAGE II - Works good in high horsepower VW sandbuggies and most other competition VW uses where the driver is determined to either win or break. Handles 220 ft. lb. of torque.


KEP 200mm STAGE III - Will handle a low compression 305 CID Chevrolet V8 for street use. Handles 260 ft. lb. of torque.


KEP 200mm STAGE IV - Used by some drag racers who are running very large VW engines and nitrous and drop the hammer at 8000 RPM using an organic disc. Handles 300 of torque.


If a late style clutch (1971 and later) is ordered, it will be sent without the pad. If you have an early style clutch, you can remove the pad by just unwinding the spiral retaining ring with needle nose pliers.

Clutch Alignment Tools are included with all KEP clutch packages. Individual tools are also available.

Ductile iron clutch face, is standard for added strength and to satisfy rule requirements enforced by some racing organizations.


Aluminum clutch face is available with tungston carbide wear surface. Saves 2 pounds of rotating mass. 200mm for VW & 356 Porsche applications. Other applications available, call for information.


The careful use of over-center effect of the diaphragm keeps the pedal pressure low, so the stock linkage can be retained if in good condition. Stage II will allow you to drive in traffic without shifting to neutral to rest your leg.



200mm DISCS (8")


KEP HD Clutch Disc.  KEP's finest 200mm organic disc.  Spiral wound to resis high RPM and tougher lining.  Recommended for almost all street applications from stock Bug to Chevy V8 adaptions.  The extra heavy marcel (wave washer) between the linings provides smooth controlled engagement with heavier pressure plates.  Solid center design eliminates spring failure.


4 Pad Clutch Disc.  Only for racing and/or off road aplications when intentionall sloppage would normally burn up an organic lining.  Carries more torque than organic.  Our 4 Pad is specially lightened to reduce the effect of inertia while shifting.  Nor recommended for street because of harsh engagement.


6 Pad Clutch disc.  More surface area to dissapate heat better.  Also allows smoother engagement.